Monday, July 4, 2011

Recent Developments

1.  I’m back at Innsmouth, and unlike the other weekend trips I’ve made over the last two months, I’m here for a week.  Thus far I have established rigorous schedule of doing a grand total of nothing other than what pleases me.  And at this juncture, it pleases me to lounge in a hammock with a margarita and/or beer in easy reach and read enormous books on the Minoan empire.  Or it will as soon as I’m done writing this.
2.  I’ve been slogging my way through The Half Made World, which has held up Steampunk Reviews for over a month.  It’s a good book, but it wins no love from me.  Too bloody dense.  Expect a review in the next week.
3.  My mother has suggested I send my rant regarding Atlantis to the National Geographic.  I’m debating whether or not to do so. 
4.  I’ve been trying to lose weight this summer, but Innsmouth always throws a spanner in the works as far as that is concerned.  You can get some of the best food and drink for miles ‘round here, and it’s really, REALLY hard to resist stuffing one’s face.  There are dozens of farms around that supply all manner of fresh produce and meat, and of course we never want for fish.    

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