Monday, May 9, 2011

The last push for freedom

The Miskatonic school year is almost done, and I’m already starting to tear my room apart in an effort to be ready to get the hell out of dodge. Ironically enough, however, this is the one time of year when attending Miskatonic is actually really pleasant, at least in terms of climate. Spring/summer has hit like a ton of bricks, and with it comes flowers, and grass, and frogs singing at night. This place, which is such hell to live in during the winter, did a quick change into heaven in a matter of days, just in time for everyone to go home. I, for one, am not amused by the irony.

In the meantime, when I’m not packing or admiring the fine weather, I oscillate between studying diligently and watching the freakiest horror films I can get my hands on. Why horror you ask? Mostly because the jump scares and general terror in the films wears me out, providing me with an adrenaline rush that fades and leaves me thoroughly knackered. Without that exhaustion I sleep fitfully at best, and usually not at all, winding up staring at the ceiling, my brain roiling with thoughts of exams and all the information I’ve been studying. 

And in other news, I was recently deliberately not invited to a party by one of the graduating seniors. This same senior, who I will refer to as Hatsumomo, for the purposes of anonymity, was the old president of Miskatonic Film Society. She also apparently has had something against me for quite awhile according to various sources, though what exactly that something is remains rather vague. From my own perspective, I was initially very fond of her and sought her approval. This fondness quickly faded as all my attempts to build bridges met with wintry disdain on her end. Now, apparently, she has opted to exercise her waning power by snubbing me in various ways. And while I won’t say I’m not angry about it, I’m refraining from a response. If I was Maleficent, I would have the option of cursing her first born with a spindle-induced coma. If I was Iago, I could arrange a Shakespearian plot. But I am neither of those fictional characters, and I find my best weapon is just not paying it any mind. After all, she’ll be gone soon. Why waste the effort?

Finally, my exams themselves, thus far, have been some of the better ones I’ve ever taken. A student’s life is made so much easier when professors are clear in their instructions on the final and stick to these guidelines. The subject matter itself hasn’t been easy, mind you, but knowing what to study has eased a lot of the exam anxiety I usually suffer from.

So, how does anyone like the new blog? Have I made a good choice in separating my day-to-day life from my Steampunk info blog? Tell me what you think!

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  1. "Have I made a good choice in separating my day-to-day life from my Steampunk info blog?"

    Only time will tell, milady, but if it makes you happy, go for it! Google Reader picks up both just fine :)